Pentatonic Improvisation Workshop with Dan Mar-Molinero

Pentatonic Improvisation Workshop with Dan Mar-Molinero – 20th /21st November 2021

Durlston Court School, Barton on Sea, Hampshire.
Pentatonic Jazz Improv Workshop

We welcome Dan Mar-Molinero, Head of Jazz and Pop Performance and a Senior Teaching Fellow in Music at the University of Southampton, for a two day pentatonic improvisation workshop.

Ever listened to any improvised music? In any genre? Chances are that the good old pentatonic scale will be at the heart of it. From funk to rock, jazz to dance music, find out what makes these 5 note combos so irresistible for anyone when soloing. By the way, it’s not just solos either – you’ll find pentatonics in melodies from Stevie Wonder to Herbie Hancock. This course will take you through the multitude of uses for the pentatonic approach. From how to create and apply pentatonic shapes and patterns over your favourite tunes; to using them for creating back ideas; to manipulating them to sound like contemporary jazz soloists like Micheal Brecker. From beginner to seasoned improvisers, there’s something in this course for everybody. You’ll never think of them the same again!

Whether you are into Jazz, Ibiza style dance or Pop, this workshop has something for you.

“I’m really pleased to be back at JazzSmart HQ with Andy and James. In the past, I’ve really enjoyed our two day workshops and been amazed at the progress made by all those on the courses. Plus, it’s always such a great vibe – lots of fun!” Dan Mar-Molinero

As Head of Jazz and Pop performance, Dan helps students develop real-world performance skills – anything from working as an ensemble to developing your own artistic ‘voice’ to understanding how to soundcheck effectively.

Dan also teaches the Jazz Theory module which explores jazz harmony and improvisation from ‘The Great American Songbook’ to modern jazz composers such as Wayne Shorter and Jacob Collier. Students have found that this helps develop their understanding of modern popular and jazz music in both performance and composition.

Away from his University role, Dan works as a professional performer and composer within the music industry in both the jazz and pop worlds, performing as a saxophonist and conductor/musical director in bands with leading jazz and pop artists. As a songwriter, Dan has had top twenty singles (including hit records) and albums both in the UK and abroad, and has have written and produced for a number of major artists.

Dan Mar-Molinero

Dan has been involved in education for over twenty years and has taught in many different settings. Recognised as one of the leading jazz educators in the country and lead tutor for the National Youth Jazz Collective. In 2017, Dan was the first individual to receive a ‘Will Michael Diploma’ for ‘Services to Jazz Education’ by Jazz Services and the Music Education Council, an award normally reserved for civic authorities and music services.

Dan studied for my undergraduate degree in Contemporary Classical Music at the University of Sussex and then completed his postgraduate studies in Jazz at the Guildhall School Of Music, studying saxophone with Jean Toussaint and composition with Scott Stroman and Pete Churchill.

We are pleased to announce that David Griffiths (Griff) will be in attendance on Saturday for all things sax repairs related.

We have now set it up for you to be able to book easier than ever before. Book via ticketsource fast and secure. Alternatively if you have any questions on the suitability of this course for you we will be happy to help. Contact at or by calling 07708 091675 and we will be happy to discuss your needs further.

The workshop will be held at Durlston Court School, Becton Lane,  Barton On Sea, Hampshire, BH25 7AQ.

Participant information:

As an approximate guideline; be able to play around Grade 3 standard. Please note, this does not mean you need Grade 3 qualification, it means your current playing level should be of this standard or better. If you are in any doubts about your suitability for the course just get in contact and we can discuss.
– Saxophone
– Flute
– Clarinet
– Trumpet
– Trombone
– Guitar
– Drums
– Bass
– Piano
You will need to bring your own instrument and instrument stand.

Drums: We have a drum kit but you can bring your own breakables. By all means you can bring your complete kit if you prefer.

Guitar/Bass: You’ll need to bring your own amps.

Keys: You’ll need to bring your own keyboard.
Participants of all ages are welcome. Please note: Participants under 18 will need to provide parent/ guardian contact details.
Not provided, we recommend bringing a packed lunch. Tea, coffee and cold refreshments are included for all participants.
Times for the workshop are as follows:

Arrive: 9.30am onwards
Session one: 10am – 11.15am
Morning break: 11.15am – 11.45am
Session two: 11.45am – 1pm
Lunch: 1pm – 2pm
Session three: 2pm – 3pm
Afternoon break: 3pm – 3.30pm
Session four: 3.30pm – 4.30pm