Author: Andrew Blee

Derek Nash

Derek Nash Saxophone Workshop

21st / 22nd August 2021 – Two day pop / jazz saxophone & rhythm and blues workshop. This is a fantastic opportunity for saxophone players to work with one of the UK’s top saxophonists, and leader of the award-winning Sax Appeal and featured member of the Jools Holland Rhythm and Blues Orchestra. Collaborations include Eric Clapton & Amy Winehouse.

Dan Mar-Molinero

Pentatonic Improv Workshop (2) with Dan Mar-Molinero

29th / 30th January 2022 – Pentatonic Improvisation Workshop with Dan Mar-Molinero. Ever listened to any improvised music? In any genre? Chances are that the good old pentatonic scale will be at the heart of it. From funk to rock, jazz to dance music, find out what makes these 5 note combos so irresistible. This course will take you through the multitude of uses for the pentatonic approach.

Andy Scott Manchester Saxophone Weekend

12th / 13th February 2022 – JazzSmart hosts a two day saxophone weekend with Andy Scott at the beautiful Hallé at St Michaels, Manchester, that is aimed equally at classical and jazz saxophonists. The spirit of the weekend is one of intense learning, swapping ideas, lots of saxophone playing of course, and teamwork. A great way to start the year, treat this course as a saxophonic MOT, setting you up musically for 2022.

Frank Griffith Big Band Experience

19th / 20th March 2022 – Two day Big Band experience with Frank Griffith. Don’t miss the chance to learn and play with this formidable musician, band leader and composer. As a renowned jazz saxophonist and clarinettist, Frank Griffith has been performing for over 40 years, primarily in New York and London. The course will emphasise a balance of ensemble playing and improvisation skills, as well as nurturing a healthy cameraderie amongst the members.

Emma Johnson

Emma Johnson Clarinet Workshop

9th / 10th April 2022 – NEW for 2022, a clarinet workshop with Emma Johnson, one of the UK’s biggest selling classical artists, and is one of the few clarinettists to have established a busy career as a solo performer which has taken her to major European, American and Asian venues as well as to Africa and Australasia.