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Dan Mar-Molinero

POP Big Band with Dan Mar-Molinero

19th / 20th November 2022 – POP Big Band with Dan Mar-Molinero. Dan is a saxophonist, composer and educator and has been recognised nationally for his work in jazz and commercial music both as an educator and practitioner. Alongside composing and performing, he is head of Jazz & Popular Music at the University of Southampton, a tutor for the NYJC and runs the pioneering youth jazz organisation, SYJO.

Andy Scott Manchester Saxophone Weekend

18th / 19th February 2023 – JazzSmart hosts a two day saxophone weekend with Andy Scott at the beautiful Hallé at St Michaels, Manchester, that is aimed equally at classical and jazz saxophonists. The spirit of the weekend is one of intense learning, swapping ideas, lots of saxophone playing of course, and teamwork. A great way to start the year, treat this course as a saxophonic MOT, setting you up musically for 2023.